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Toy Donations from Generous Community Groups

We are so blessed to have such a giving community and it’s more apparent than ever around the holidays. Everyone knows a child being in the hospital is hard on them and their entire family but it’s especially difficult if they have to be there on Christmas. That’s why we are so grateful for all the different groups who have stepped up and donated toys to our Santa’s Workshop. Here are a few of our generous donations:

 Walmart Stores #1661 and #1379.

 AKA of Kinston

 Katie’s Kidz

 Log a Load for Kids

 Borderless Charity, Inc

 T.A. Loving


Thank you to all of these groups for giving our children such a wonderful Christmas! You have no idea how much this means to the families. They can focus their time and energy on getting their child well and know that they have a community of people behind them who care.